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Online forms: Appeals Against Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

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Appeals Against Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - Guidance

When we assess housing and council tax benefit we will notify you of your entitlement to housing and council tax benefit and how your entitlement was calculated in writing.  If you disagree with the decision made you can ask us to look at your decision again and appeal against the decision and ask for an Independent Appeals Tribunal to consider your case.

Or if you are unsure how we made the decision you can ask for a written statement of reasons.

If you want to follow one of the above options you must write to Kettering Borough Council housing benefit section within one calendar month of the date of the decision letter.

What happens if I want to appeal against the decision?

If you disagree with our decision and you would like to appeal you must complete the attached appeal form stating the decision you are appealing against and your reasons for appealing.

If your appeal is outside the one calendar month time limit in exceptional circumstances your appeal may be accepted. If your appeal is outside the one calendar month time limit please include your reasons for appealing outside the time limit in the appeal form.

What happens once I have completed the appeal form?

When the Appeals and Overpayments Officer receives your appeal they will check the decision again and make sure the decision is correct. If it is found that the decision is incorrect then we will change it. You will be notified in writing of any changes made to your claim. 

If the decision does not change then the Appeals and Overpayments Officer will send your appeal along with a copy of the facts relating to the decision to The Appeals Service to make an independent decision. 

If you have any queries regarding your appeal or any benefit matter please contact our advice line on 01536 534235

However if you would like independent advice you can contact:

Citizens Advice Bureau
Municipal Offices
Bowling Green Road
Kettering Borough Council
NN15 7QX

Tel: 01536 482281
Open 9.00am - 2.00pm Monday to Friday.

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