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Online forms: Council Tax - Disabled Reduction Application

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You may be able to get a reduction on your Council Tax bill if you, or an adult or child living with you, is permanently disabled.
  • Only the person(s) liable to pay the Council Tax can apply for a reduction.
  • The disabled person must be living in the dwelling for which the reduction is being sought
  • In assessing the application, the Council will need to be satisfied:

    -that there is a disabled person resident who needs either space for a wheelchair to be used inside the home, or a special or additional kitchen, bathroom or other room:


    - that this space or room is essential or of major importance to the well being of the disabled resident because of the nature and extent of his/her disability.

It may subsequently be necessary to ask for evidence in support of your application and a visit by a Council officer will also be required.

If you are entitled to a reduction, it would take the form of calculating your bill as if the property had been placed in the band immediately below the one shown in the valuation list. For example, if your property is classed as Band C then with the disabled reduction your bill will be calculated as if it is a Band B property. From 1st April 2000 people living in a Band A property are also entitled to a reduction.

Please note that any information may be shared with other departments of the council in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Remember to notify Kettering Borough Council immediately of any changes to your circumstances.

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